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If you need a tad bit more convincing that we're the best wedding officiants Chicago has come across and knows we've got what it takes to present the BEST wedding ceremony ever, then for your reading pleasure here's a non-religious wedding ceremony script that I, personally, had written. You'll find a full-blown love story for an awesomely fun couple below as well. If you'd like to see me in action telling a couple's story, then WATCH VIDEO here.

Once you've booked your wedding ceremony with A Perfect Fit Rev, there will be plenty more wording samples for you to peruse and not just a non-religious wedding ceremony script. There are wording samples for a religious wedding ceremony, a semi-religious wedding ceremony or a spiritual wedding ceremony. You'll make your wording choices from the samples you'll receive to create your very own customized wedding ceremony script. Every word will read exactly the way you and your partner envision your wedding ceremony to unfold on your grand day with a personalized wedding ceremony script.


Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony Script Sample

By Rev Éva LaRoche, a Chicago Wedding Officiant

We have been brought together in this magnificent place with love emanating from within everyone and beauty touching everything surrounding us. The occasion that calls for our presence here today is the uniting of two souls in love, <Partner A's Full Name> and <Partner B's Full Name>, once two hearts adrift but now ready to take vows enjoining the two for all time in marriage.

On their behalf, I would like to share with you how genuinely grateful they are for your presence at such a significant time in their lives. This means a great deal to them…more than you'll ever know. Each one of you holds a unique place in their hearts…a treasured memory in their minds…and makes a significant difference in their lives. A difference that makes it all the better knowing you and experiencing life with you. Without everyone of you participating in <Partner A's> and <Partner B's> lives--each in your special way--and especially their families, they couldn't possibly be who they are today. Because it is with you and through you that they have been able to arrive at where they are in this exact moment...growing, prospering and engaging in life in ways they could not have done otherwise. Your love and support means the world to them.

So, they are beyond thrilled that you are celebrating with them this very day and having an essential part in making new memories they will cherish for a lifetime.

Giving Away
With whose blessings are <Partner A> and <Partner B> to be joined in marriage?

<Partner A/Partner B>, is it your intention to cultivate a loving, loyal marriage with <Partner B/Partner A> by living to your fullest potential and working together to inspire the growth of your relationship day after day and year after year as a united couple?

<Partner A/Partner B> answers:  Yes, it is.

<Partner A> and <Partner B>, it wasn't too long ago, when comparing it to the many years you will be married, that the two of you had met. You may have felt something stirring in your stomachs...those infamous butterflies...when you first met knowing that there was something special…very special…about this person, which drew you closer to them and getting to know them enough that those butterflies didn't lie.

Or maybe, at first, you considered this person as a friend, and then it developed into a closer friendship until one day you realized that this person is the one you'd been waiting for...the one you want to live the rest of your life with, because everything, or let's be realistic…almost everything…about this person screamed of the type of person you wanted to be with in more than a friendship capacity. And so, the relationship evolved into a romantic one, which is the reason we are assembled here today…for a most festive occasion…your marriage to one another.

Every couple hopes for a healthy, balanced and happy marriage…a marriage that will last them a lifetime together as two individuals--acting individually where necessary--as well as joining as one. You have your shared interests, as well as your own interests and disinterests that may challenge your relationship at one time or another, if you allow it. There will be unforeseen disruptions in your life that will, most certainly, be the bigger challenges you face together. And it is through these bigger challenges that will test your limits to what you can bring to this marriage. How you will rise to taking your part…your responsibility…will make or break this incredible connection you share.

There are some vital things to consider, understand and apply to your relationship in order to make this union work at its best, and not falter. Yes, there are the usual ones we hear mentioned at most, if not all, wedding ceremonies…commitment, trust, love, respect, honesty, and the list goes on. I'm in no way diminishing these things, because they are, and very well should be, a great part of every relationship. Without them, a marriage certainly wouldn't last very long. They are all what makes up a forever marriage, but in concert with the following tidbits of fundamental advice…

<Partner A> and <Partner B>, what I'd like to share with you are the things not talked about in greater detail, which are key aspects of a marriage that lasts. You'll want to firstly…and this is going to sound foreign to some, because we've always heard it the other way around…make sure you, as an individual, are at a level of comfort, stability and peace within yourself. Without being these things, can and will set you up for a whole lot of unhappiness…and not because of what your partner says or does, but because of your own imbalances. You have to own up to them and face them head on…working out the things that cause you any distress and pain in your life.

Think about it...if we're not well or we're not in a good place...a good frame of mind...how are we any good to another. It's just not possible. You will both take turns along your journey in marriage being the one who needs a little extra help from time to time.

But always know you're not alone. Your partner is there to help support you in any way they are able. It is a given that you will be each other's support, when your day is going in a not-so-pretty direction having to be your partner's anchor. And, sometimes, you'll have to be one another's crane, when you can't get out of bed in the morning after the alarm goes off.

When you are taking care of yourself and are in a good place, then it's easy to put the needs of your partner ahead of yours. It is by no means, selfish if you have to put yours ahead of your partner's because of undue stress and circumstances that don't allow you to be your fully attentive self for your partner. Once you can turn yourself around and be the person your partner needs you to be in trying times, then you can resume your role as their rock and comforter supporting them as much as you are capable.

Another thing is to share your goals, individual and common, with one another. Work on your individual goals but only to the point it doesn't interfere in the cohesion of your relationship with your partner, and in the same breath, be the support your partner needs to realize their personal goals.

As for your shared goals, you'll focus not only on the short term ones, but the long term ones, too. I cannot stress enough the importance of this specific aspect of a marriage. We begin our budding relationship with all kinds of plans for our future, but the long-term plans, sometimes, fall by the wayside.

And when we take up again the planning of those distant future plans, we may come to realize that our ideas and things we hoped for have changed…even drastically for some couples. This can produce many obstacles in a marriage - an imbalance - that has no significant bumps in their journey until the long-term goals need to be addressed, because they are no longer in the far off future…they begin to stare you in the face…as if, asking you to deal with them not later, but at that moment.

So, <Partner A> and <Partner B>, if you ever begin to question the stability of your marriage, then heed this most important advice... 

Like a caterpillar, we change over time. Some of us almost unnoticeably, and others significantly. This is a natural part of life. It doesn't stay static and stuck; it continues to grow year after year. And with this growth comes the inevitable changes everyone and everything experiences. Our likes and dislikes…our individual interests and shared interests…our individual goals and our shared goals; these are all things that brought the two of you together, but they can also become the things that tear you apart.

So, be ever mindful of these changes in each other, but more importantly, in yourself. When you do realize a change in yourself...in your thinking...speak with your partner about it right away and work through anything that may begin to cause friction, thereby, nipping it in the bud before it steers you down the wrong road. And on the other side of the coin, if you notice changes in your partner, discuss them with one another keeping everything out in the open, so you can work through it together.

So, to wrap it up, it is most crucial to keep your partner apprised of any major change in yourself and your thinking, or even minor changes that may have a negative effect on your relationship. These things should be a regular part of your discussions throughout the years you share together in marriage. In this way, you will always be on the same page being able to address immediately, rather than years later, any changes that do creep up on you working through them in that moment.

<Partner A> and <Partner B>, marriage is the greatest balancing act of all. If you can stay steady on the tightrope of marriage keeping your focus on continually balancing these vital aspects every relationship has to face at one time or another, then you'll be able to look forward to an long-lived, cheerful, fulfilling life together.

What is marriage exactly?, By Rev. Éva LaRoche

Mindful in ways to keep the other feeling included, even when it's not always possible.
Allegiant not only in respect to being a spouse, but to the closest friendship you'll experience.
Reliable to the extent humanly possible, and being able to admit, when you can't be.
Resilient to any hardships life springs on you, whether they're endured individually or as a couple.
Independent so as not to lose who you are; keeping true to yourself in tandem with your relationship.
Amusing in fun, creative, playful ways fostering the exciting, upbeat times in your lives.
Grateful for this individual gracing your life and sharing an uncharted journey together as one.
Empathetic, not only to your partner's every need but to your own as well--nurtures a happily ever after.

Wedding Vows
<Partner A/Partner B>, please repeat after me…

<Partner A/Partner B>, this day is our day; / one we will remember for always. / My decision to marry you / was not only well thought out / but an easy one to make. / I can't help but love you / in mysteriously selfless ways. / I'm ready to share / the remainder of my life with you / and promise you these things… / my esteem and devotion, / my caring and attention, / my passion and zest for life. / My heart and soul are yours / that they may compliment us / in ways we have yet to envision. / I take you to be my one and only / into the vast depths of eternity.

Explanation of the Rings
The wedding bands consistently remain the object of a couple's love and faithfulness to one another. They are a statement to the world that you are bound as a couple with a serious commitment to this relationship. The bands tell the story of two people who have decided to share their individual life journeys and combine them into one path. They not only tell us that you'll be working together towards your common goals, but also supporting each other in your individual goals. Ultimately, these bands that will grace your hands, <Partner A> and <Partner B>, will be a reminder to you both that all these things is what makes up who you are and, even more importantly, who you will become after today.

Ring Exchange Vows
May we please have <Partner A's/Partner B's> ring?

<Partner A/Partner B>, please repeat after me…

<Partner A/Partner B>, if it is your will to have me, / then accept this ring / with all my love and strength / as your faithful (husband / wife / spouse).

Unity Cocktail - "The Wry Pamplemousse"

<Partner A> and <Partner B> will now partake in the unity cocktail to symbolize the meaning of their relationship and the merging of their lives. The cocktail they have chosen is called “The Wry Pamplemousse.” This cocktail was created as an original by a young man whose two good friends were getting married and had asked him to craft a unique drink for their guests to enjoy, and it was a smashing hit! Each ingredient of this cocktail has a special meaning for our couple, so as they pour each one in, I'll share what they embody.

Begin by pouring into the shaker cup, the Koval White Rye Whiskey, which is the strength or backbone of your relationship giving you a solid foundation from which to work.

The next ingredient is grapefruit juice. The tartness of life brings or jolts you back to reality, when you veer off course keeping you attentive to the importance of your relationship and life matters.

Now add the orange bitters--life's bitterness or tough times cannot be avoided, so embrace them graciously.

But those tough times can be diluted by including some St. Germain bringing your relationship its sweetness. The good times in life will always overshadow the bad.

The final touch is the dark crème de cacao balancing it all out, as we know everything is better with chocolate or, in this case, love.

Shaking and straining the drink represents the invigorating of your feelings for one another, while clearing any debris from your life so that your love remains pure. This drink can never be separated into its original ingredients, just as you will never go back to the individuals you were before pledging to join your lives together in front of all of us today.

As <Partner A> and <Partner B> share from the unity cocktail, they share in the joy that is created when two people make a lifelong promise to each other. By taking a sip of this beverage from a single glass, you express your wish to unite in marriage.

May you share ample strength, keen attentiveness, the ebb and flow of tough times and sweetness, and your pure chocolaty love for each other for all the days of your lives.

Wedding Blessing
May you find the shining brightness, more so than not, in your daily lives. May you venture out into the world together sharing the fun side of life in ways only you can experience in one another's company. May you be absorbed in each other to the extent it keeps the flame within you lit, but not so much that it blinds you to the reality of things. May you be ever conscious of the other's mood and persona in order that it will help in gauging when and where adjustments need to be made in your relationship. May you know your place in one another's lives will never be taken for granted, but will be relished in as many ways as there are stars in the darkest night sky. May you go off into the sunset knowing that this is the first magnificent day you are experiencing together as a married couple, and there will be many more like it with each milestone you achieve.

We have finally come to the part in your wedding ceremony that you've, no doubt, been eagerly awaiting; so without further ado, I now pronounce you (husband and wife / wives for life / husbands for life).

<Partner A> and <Partner B>, you may now share a kiss.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great honor and heaps of joy--the moment we've all been waiting for--that I present to you for the first time the newly married couple, __________________________.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

If you decide to include your love story, it certainly won't read like "See Dick run. See Jane run." — a children's beginner reading book. As you'll read below, there's nothing mundane about my writing style. Each wedding ceremony will be as distinctive as the couples themselves.

​Fun, Captivating Love Story For A Wedding Ceremony
By Rev. Éva LaRoche, a Chicago Wedding Officiant

If there ever was a love story that would make all others pale in comparison, then this would be the one. Their story begins at a ziplining adventure deep within the woods, where they happened to literally ‘fall’ in love. Oh, wait! This isn’t the right ceremony script. Sorry…had it mixed up with another one.  Okay…here we go…

Tony and Morgan went to rival high schools, and Morgan used to date one of Tony’s friends at the time. The only thing he remembered about her was how great the cookies were that she kept baking his friend. According to Tony, cookies are a good start in getting his attention.

Yeah, I know…not as exciting as the ziplining adventure, but nevertheless, it’s a beautiful story in its own right. Give it a chance, will ya?

They had lost touch over the years after she and his friend had broken up and had met again at Legoland Discovery Center where Tony was teaching an Improv Comedy workshop. Morgan worked at Legoland, and what stood out about her was being clearly one of their best employees and is what first caught Tony’s eye. At the end of the evening, she mentioned that she knew him from high school…Tony had no clue who she was. She found him on facebook…he still had no idea who she was. He asked around…NO ONE KNEW WHO SHE WAS! Then he finally figured it out, and they started talking. Even though he was dating someone else at the time, his attention kept being drawn to someone else—to Morgan.

There were some other things that started to really peak Tony’s interest about Morgan. He liked that she was really outgoing, and most of all, that she was smarter than him. You even told her that you LIKED that she was smarter than you. Something I never thought I’d live to hear—a man telling a woman that she was smarter than him let alone telling her he LIKED that she was smarter. Major points scored there!

When I first heard about Tony’s occupation where he performs motivational yo-yo assemblies for kids that takes him around the world, it intrigued me enough to snoop around a bit on the internet to learn what it was all about. The Ned Show, as it’s called, is a program schools use nationwide to engage, inspire and teach young students that NED’s simple message — Never giving up, Encouraging others and Doing your best — can help them become champions at school and in life. The kids refer to themselves as “NED heads” and are proud participants of the program. Well, I’d have to say, you have THE dream job, Tony. Not only are you having fun all day playing with yo-yos, being goofy and silly, and traveling the world, but the best part about it is seeing all the smiling, giggling, laughing faces of the children while performing for them. The aftereffect is the icing on the cake, where a noticeable difference in the children’s personalities is seen by the teachers and parents; they’re more positive and driven than before. Tony, be proud of what you are accomplishing with your work, even when the occasional heckler tries to trip you up.

This led me to get to know Tony even better by creeping a bit on his Facebook page, where I watched a few videos of some of his performances he had done over the years. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at the enormity of his talents. He has quite a few you know. This guy can sing, he can dance, he does voiceovers, he’s a musician and has mad acting skills. But the one thing that isn’t an act with Tony is the deep love he has for Morgan. One of the ways Morgan makes Tony feel special is by making him feel like he can be himself all the time when he is around her. She lets him be goofy and make cheesy jokes. They even share their silliness in affectionate ways by “booping” each others’ noses and making odd sound effects. Later, maybe you’ll reveal for us some of those affections. ;)

What caught Morgan’s eye when she first saw Tony since high school was seeing him on a stage and hearing how funny he was. She loves his sense of humor as well as his sense of responsibility. He has a way of making these two character traits work together making even the most tedious, mundane activities fun while they’re doing something together. He’s always the one to push her to work ahead instead of procrastinating, the one to talk her out of stopping for fast food on the way home instead of cooking, the one to plan ahead, and even the one to start the dishes. More points scored! Tony does all of this while making her giggle and smile the whole way, and before she knows it, the work has passed by quickly.

As much as Morgan loves these qualities about Tony, the one quality that made her realize that she was in love with him was his caring, compassionate side.  Morgan has a job where she teaches general music to kids in kindergarten through 8th grade at two different schools in the Maywood School District. Even though she enjoys her work, there are days that can leave her feeling highly stressed at the end of the day. Well, after a particularly rough week of teaching, she and Tony were cuddled on the couch at her apartment. Morgan had witnessed some horrible violence and was so stressed out that her hair was falling out. All it took was for Tony playing with what hair she had left and talking with her about her day to melt all the stress away and make her feel safe once again. If you know Morgan, you’d know that she’s a very high-stress person and has an extremely difficult time relaxing; but what Tony does for her always bringing her back down to being grounded, calming her, and helping her focus can only be described as magical. Morgan attributes her survival of teaching in the low-income schools to Tony’s gift at de-stressing her. At the time, you weren’t even referring to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend yet, but you knew right then that you loved him.

Although Morgan has some rough days while teaching, there are some qualities that stand out for Tony about her. He loves that she is great with the kids and takes a lot of pride in her work. She wants to see all of her kids succeed and hates to see any of them doing poorly. She’s amazing at using music to teach other subjects and making fun, enjoyable lessons for her kids. Not only does Morgan teach music, but she’s been known to play the French horn in various musical ensembles. Being that the two of you are very passionate about music, gives you a stronger connection to each other at an even deeper level—music is the expression of the soul, through which your own language of feelings and passion is shared.

Tony’s realization of when he knew he was in love with Morgan was similar to hers. With the same care and compassion Tony shows her, she is equally as good at taking care of him when necessary. Whether it’s when he is not feeling well, if he’s stressed out, or if he screws something up—she is always there making him feel better and helping fix the problem.

Which leads me to the story of how the first moment the words “I love you” were spoken between them. Morgan had already known for over a month that she wanted to say it, but Tony had what you might call ‘commitment phobia’. So she used a secret code to tell him that she loved him without Tony even realizing it. It was a code her father always used with her when she was little—three squeezes of the hand. Well, five months into their relationship, it was during their first celebration of both their birthdays, which happens to be five days apart, after finding out that Tony was allergic to agave—the main ingredient in tequila—Morgan ended up taking care of him with the help of two very good friends. While she was trying to get some saltine crackers into his system on the floor of her apartment, Tony blurted out, “I love you.”

Moving on to ‘the proposal’…just to let you know, in order for Tony’s proposal to have its full impact, it somehow had to include the Mayan’s prediction of the world coming to an end; but only if they were still around of course. It had to play out that way, as Morgan was always joking with Tony that he wouldn’t propose until the world ended; hence he was forced, in more ways than one, to wait until any of the days after it was supposed to end. December 22nd was the day he chose. Although, in the days leading up to that date, there were plenty of signs hinting that the end is nigh. Suffice it to say, here we are…the world still chugging along in full force allowing their love story to completely unfold with Tony’s dramatic, yet somewhat amusing, proposal to be shared.

Once Tony knew he wanted to pop the question, he started looking for rings. He found a beautiful one for a great price online, but it turned out to be discontinued and sold out…Drama creeping in slowly…He went into the store to speak with the jeweler about creating a similar ring and wound up designing something unique. Things started to look up, though it would take a few weeks to make. In the meantime, Tony asked Morgan’s father for permission to marry his daughter, and we can all guess what the answer was. Things are really looking up now, but let’s not get our hopes up just yet…Tony decided he would ask her to marry him at the end of a show he was performing in. His plan was to have both of their entire families there. Unfortunately, Morgan’s parents left on a cruise the day before he picked up the ring, so Tony had to wait for ten days before he could give it to her…And the drama ensued…The day he eventually planned on asking, she woke up with a 102 degree fever. He was so worried that all of his well thought out plans would completely fall apart; so being the concerned boyfriend that he was, he took her to the doctor, got her on medications, and miraculously made it to the show. Tony improvised an entire show based on Morgan and, at the end, asked her to marry him in front of both of their families. With true dedication and perseverance on Tony’s part, it all worked out…and the end of the world, thankfully, never came!

As with every relationship, things aren’t always rosy between the two of you. When you’re hitting some turbulence and getting on each other’s nerves, you have a unique way of dealing with it. Tony will travel for a week for work giving them a chance to step back, cool off and remind themselves of why they love each other and allow absence to make the heart grow fonder. They’d still talk every day either by phone or online, and by the time he’d return home, they’re falling in love all over again no matter what disagreement, busy-ness, or moodiness was happening when he had left.

Tony and Morgan, it sounds like you are well on your way to creating a balanced relationship where your dreams and goals of owning a house, getting a dog, and traveling more frequently together during the summers when Morgan will be able to accompany you during your trips for work begins today with your marriage to one another. This is one of the most important things Tony is looking forward to once they’re married, because he can’t think of anyone he’d rather go exploring with; as Tony puts it, “She’s the best person in the world to bring with on an adventure.” Morgan agrees and shares the same vision of their future as husband and wife. They seem to be able to turn anything into an adventure, even cooking. They’ll surf the internet together for new recipes to try, and with some “awesome new kitchen supplies”—hint, hint—it’ll make it even more exciting. No matter if you’re going to a museum or on a tour, you always find interesting things to do with your time together. Continue doing this and your lives will be filled with newness from each adventure you embark upon keeping your relationship alive and moving forward.

The End