So, you want to get married...

And you're gay or transgender!

You've, no doubt, come to the PERFECT place, where you are welcomed with open arms and great love.

Everybody loves a wedding, but a gay wedding ceremony? Now you're talking. If you're looking for a uniquely personalized gay or lesbian wedding ceremony, then you've arrived to the end of your search for a gay friendly wedding officiant Chicago loves with extensive experience working with same sex couples - gay, lesbian, bi-sexual - as well as transgender couples.

There are as many ways to create your ceremony as there are stars in the darkest night sky. Your gay wedding ceremony will have most of the same content as a hetero wedding ceremony, but with a twist. A lovely same sex wedding ceremony tradition that began on the east coast to help anyone attending a gay or lesbian wedding ceremony for the first time to feel comfortable and at ease is to include a toast combined with a validation and affirmation blessing for the couple at the beginning of the ceremony. During this part, the guests will be standing. After the blessing, the guests are asked to raise their glasses and toast the gay couple; then they are instructed to sit. Of course, the blessing can be included without the toast, if that's what you'd like.

Some same sex couples choose to ditch exchanging rings and, instead, opt to exchange another piece of jewelry...or if you want to go to the extreme - get matching tattoos. And, hey, if the groom or grooms want to carry a bouquet down the aisle at their same sex wedding ceremony, then I say, "Go for it!" The more splashes of color during a gay wedding ceremony the better.

​Something really fun and out there - if you're that kind of couple - is having a friend or family member that's willing to pen a witty poem to share with your guests during your gay or lesbian wedding ceremony. Maybe it could go something like this...

"​Roses are red, violets are blue.

Who needs a hetero, when I've got you!"

Well, you get the idea! Make it fun, quirky and laughable so it will be even more memorable, and your guests will know they're attending an awesomely fun same sex wedding ceremony!!!

If you're looking to have a ceremony that is more on the side of having a sublime, ceremonious vibe, then that can be arranged, too. Whatever you decide on is exactly how your wedding ceremony will unfold, and your guests are sure to be fascinated and enthralled.

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​Stop wasting anymore of your precious time and get in touch with these two same sex wedding officiants Chicago holds in high regard and know that placing your trust into our hands will result in the gay wedding ceremony beyond your grandest, sweetest, coolest, funkiest, wildest dreams!



Same Sex Wedding Officiants Chicago Can't Help But Love

Strong Allies of the LGBTQ Community

My personal thoughts about the LGBT community is I do not accept you...I love you...UNCONDITIONALLY! Acceptance is too close to tolerance in my opinion. In order to fully embrace the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, and every human being for that matter, is through an effortless flow of unconditional love, which leads to respect and everything else that is positive. When you accept someone, it is by choice; but when you allow the pure source of love to come through you, there is no choosing, it just is. It doesn't have to be forced or cajoled into action; it comes as naturally as breathing. Yes, we are different in many ways, but in many, we are the same. We all have feelings and needs, goals and desires. To borrow from a famous Beatles tune, "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are altogether." Each day that more people will have moved through the channels of intolerance to tolerance to understanding to acceptance, and finally to just love, the world will be a more magical place.
Love Is Supreme!

Rev. Éva LaRoche performs a lesbian wedding ceremony.

Same Sex Wedding Officiants Chicago Adores - Rev. Éva and Rev. Mylene

Lesbian elopement ceremony at Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Chicago.
Gay wedding ceremony at 360Chicago celebrated by Rev. Éva LaRoche.
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Rev. Éva performs a lovely outdoor lesbian wedding ceremony.
At Fredenhagen Park in Naperville, a lesbian couple has their marriage solemnized by Rev. Éva LaRoche.
Rev. Éva looks on after solemnizing a gay couple's marriage at Promontory Point in Chicago.
LGBTQ Friendly heart with equal sign symbol
Another phenomenal lesbian wedding ceremony performed by one of the best wedding officiants Chicago adores.

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A gay wedding ceremony officiated by Rev. Éva at the couple's home.
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A Perfect Fit Rev - Chicago Wedding Officiant
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